Tuesday, October 20, 2020

My Top 5 Newborn Cloth Diapering Tips

I'm expecting in April and that means tiny little newborn diapers are on the brain again!

Your first thought might be that using cloth diapers on a newborn is too overwhelming, especially with so much on your plate already. But with these five tips I'm going to share, you will find it's not that challenging. In fact, I think you'll be really happy with your decision! I've used cloth with 4 newborns and highly recommend it.

TIP #1

Buy covers that have more than one snap setting on the rise so your newborn can wear them longer. Newborn covers with growing room in the rise include Imagine, Nicki's and Thirsties Duo Wraps.

TIP #2

Try fitteds or special folding techniques to contain blowouts. Tiny babies have a lot of bowel movements, and you might find that newborn fitted diapers will help hold in messes better because of the leg elastics. If you usually just trifold a prefold and lay it in a cover, consider mastering some folds to help keep blowouts at bay: the Jelly Roll fold, the Angel Wing or the Bikini Twist (aren’t those names great?). Having just a few fitteds for your newborn won’t cost much; the Imagine bamboo fitted at Nicki’s is just $11.99.

TIP #3

Give yourself a break at night. By using a Geffen newborn hemp prefold and a small Diaper Rite cotton doubler, my newborn can sometimes go all night without a change, even after waking up to nurse a time or two. Finding a nighttime diaper that works can save you a lot of money if you’ve been buying disposables just to use at night. Other suggestions for nighttime newborn diapers include the Sloomb snapless mini bamboo fitted, available at Nicki's.

TIP #4

Wipeable covers save time and money. Since you are changing the baby frequently, it makes sense to use “wipeable” PUL or TPU covers and shells (rather than fleece or wool). Being able to freshen up a cover with a wet wipe and hang it to dry for an hour or two before using again means you don’t have to buy as many, or wash as often.

TIP #5 

Skip the newborn diapers altogether. While I’m the world’s biggest fan of newborn sized diapers, even investing in a small system is just not doable for some families. They can only afford something that works from birth to potty training. Here are a few of my favorites that fit my (average or larger) babies right from birth:


Best Bottoms (newborn Ingrid in a Best Bottom cover below)

Diaper Rite (if using diaper covers)

Funky Fluff

Do you have any advice to share for mothers who are planning to use cloth on their newborns?

This post was previously published at the Kelly Wels Blog, and has been revised and updated by me.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Two Cloth Diaper Giveaways! (Charlie Banana and Diaper Rite)


There are two cloth diaper giveaways I want to share with you this week!

First of all, Parent Tested Parent Approved is hosting a big Charlie Banana cloth diaper giveaway. The prize package includes 5 cloth diapers plus accessories like inserts, liners and wipes! You can enter by clicking here.

And the next giveaway is hosted by Cloth is Cool (yours truly). Just leave a comment on my Diaper Rite Bamboo Terry Flats review to be entered.

Thanks and good luck!

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Diaper Junction's New Bamboo Terry Flat Diapers

Guess what? Diaper Rite has just added bamboo flat diapers to the product lineup! You can find them right now at Diaper Junction with free shipping over $35.00.

These square flats are one layer of the same 80% bamboo / 20% polyester used in Diaper Rite's popular All-in-One diaper. 

Three sizes are available:

  • Size 1 is 19x19  ($14.95 for a pack of 3)
  • Size 2 is 24x24  ($15.95 for a pack of 3)
  • Size 3 is 29x29  ($16.95 for a pack of 3)

One side is smooth and the other is a fine bamboo loop terry. This fabric is very soft, silky and stretchy. There's no need to "prep" before using and no worries about a lot of shrinkage.

Another upside? Unlike other bamboo diapers and inserts, these flats dry more quickly since they are just one layer. 

Diaper Rite's bamboo flats are covered by a 60 day warranty on sewing and workmanship and are CPSIA compliant.

You can fold and pin on your baby with a Snappi or Boingo fastener, but be careful because the teeth can easily snag the delicate bamboo fibers and cause damage.

You can also opt to padfold Diaper Rite flats and tuck them into a waterproof cover. When padfolded, our size 2 flat fits just right in the AIO shell.

This is a highly effective nighttime combo, by the way, because the AIO shell has a built-in layer of bamboo inside!

Here's a visual comparison of the size 2 bamboo flat when padfolded, next to some of Diaper Rite's prefolds:

Lengthwise, you can see there's a really big difference between the medium prefold and size 2 bamboo flat. However, I would say that the absorbency level of the medium flat more than holds its own. So it's definitely adequate for an average size infant; if your baby is taller, or you're diaper a toddler, try the size 3 bamboo flat.

After your little one graduates from diapers, these bamboo flats make great hand towels, lovey blankets or cleaning rags. So you'll get lots of value for your money!

Shop prefold and flat diapers at Diaper Junction
with free shipping over $35.00.

Let me know what you think of the new Diaper Rite bamboo flat, or if you're planning to try them.

GIVEAWAY: Everyone who leaves a comment is entered to win a 3-pack of size 2 flats! Drawing is Friday at pm CST. Make sure you leave your email and/or Facebook name so I can reach you if you win! Winner has 2 days to reply/claim before an alternate is chosen.